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New Lawsuit in Deadly Reno Train Crash

Another Amtrak employee files a lawsuit in connection with the deadly train collision in Nevada



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    Another Illinois Amtrak employee is suing the railway after a deadly train collision in Nevada.

    In the lawsuit filed Friday, Lana Dickerson of Worth, Ill., claims she was trying to lead passengers to safety, but their escape route was blocked by a locked baggage car door.

    Dickerson said survivors had to double back past dead bodies and jump out of a window to escape.

    The lawsuit is also against the truck driver killed in the wreck, Laurence Valli, and his employer, John Davis Trucking Co. of Battle Mountain.

    According to the lawsuit, Valli ignored railroad crossing gates and warning signals before his truck skid and crashed into the side of train.

    Last week, another Amtrak attendant filed the first lawsuit in connection with the crash that killed six people, and injured others.

    Alexandra Curtis, of Evanston, also sued the truck driver and its employer.

    Amtrak and the National Transportation Safety Board are both conducting a formal investigation.