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NU Innocence Project Prof. to Retire

After working as a Professor at the Medill School of Journalism for 29 years, David Protess will retire



    NU Innocence Project Prof. to Retire
    David Protess

    Northwestern University has announced the retirement of a journalism professor who captured national headlines.

    David Protess has worked at Northwestern University since 1981 and has headed the Medill Innocence Project since 1999.

    Investigations conducted by students involved in the project resulted in the release of more than 10 innocent men from death row and helped end executions in Illinois.

    But the project also came under scrutiny about two years ago over possible ethical breaches. The controversy prompted Protess to take a leave during the spring quarter to start his own non-profit.

    Protess has since been working on the Chicago Innocence Project, an organization he hopes students will take seriously.

    Protess will retire on Aug. 31, according to University officials.