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NIU Clears Police Chief, Reinstates Him

Grady will not be dismissed from his $199,999-a-year job



    NIU Clears Police Chief, Reinstates Him

    Northern Illinois University police chief Donald Grady will be reinstated following a two-month investigation into allegations that he intimidated the editor of the student newspaper, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    A special panel "found no evidence of misconduct or inappropriate actions" from the 56-year-old, who was placed on paid leave in October following allegations that he intimidated Northern Star editor-in-chief Justin Weaver during an interview.

    On Oct. 8, a scathing editorial was published accusing Grady -- who was at the center of  the school's Feb. 14 shooting last year -- of "using intimidation tactics to expand his power within the administration," prompting school officials to look into the allegations.

    The Northern Star claimed Grady offered Weaver a position on the police force in exchange for a retraction of a story written about the controversial resignation of former NIU police officer Dexter Yarbrough -- who was discovered to have had sexual harassment claims made against him.