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Mom Sues Donut Shop After Son Dies in Restroom

Woman sues Dunkin' Donuts and store owners for more than $180,000



    Mom Sues Donut Shop After Son Dies in Restroom
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    A Northwest Side donut shop is being sued after the death of a man on its bathroom floor in 2007.

    Simon Chruszcz stepped into the restroom at a Northwest Side Dunkin' Donuts on a summer evening in 2007.  When he didn't come out for an extended period, a concerned customer urged the employees at the shop to call for help, but they refused.

    This according to a lawsuit filed Monday by Chruszcz's mother, Halina Zalewski.

    The customer left the store and called 911. More than two hours after Chruszcz entered the bathroom, Chicago Police and Fire crews broke down the door, found the man unresponsive on the floor and took him to the hospital, where he was dead on arrival.

    Zalewski is accusing Dunkin' Brands, Inc. Dunkin Donuts, Rahim A. Merchant, Rahim N. Merchant and Anupam R. Patel --the three franchisees of the location -- of refusing to act when they "knew that one of its patrons ... was not responding and lying immobile on the floor." 

    The lawsuit is six counts, according to the Chicago Bar-Tender, and Zalewski is demanding more than $30,000 for each offense.