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Calabrese Mob Cash Auctioned Online

The federal government is selling 43 $1,000 bills and 82 $500 bills



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    FBI and U.S. Marshalls Service
    Evidence photo of a bag of money found at the Oak Brook home of reputed mobster Frank Calabrese Sr.

    Mobster money is up for grabs.

    An online auction of large bills stashed in the Oak Brook home of Frank Calabrese Sr. aims to help pay the convicted mob killer's debts.

    The federal government is selling 43 $1,000 bills and 82 $500 bills found in a compartment in Calabrese's basement. Texas firm Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers is hosting the auction, which ends Tuesday. 

    As of Monday morning, bidding on a $1,000 bill dated 1934 was up to $2,250.

    Calabrese was sentenced to life in prison in January 2009 after being convicted in Chicago's biggest mob trial in decades. The court held Calabrese responsible for more than a dozen killings.

    To pay the ordered restitution of more than $4 million to the families of his victims, the feds searched Calabrese's Oak Brook home last year and found hundreds of thousands of stashed jewelry and cash behind a family portrait.

    Bob Sheehan, owner of Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers, told the Chicago Sun-Times some of the bills are like new and the lot could fetch up to $150,000.

    In June, a former federal prison chaplain was charged with allegedly passing messages to Calabrese.

    Eugene Klein was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of attempting to transfer an inmate's personal property to prevent government seizure.