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Missing Woman's Body Found in Indiana Swamp

Body of Dawn Fital, a competitive billiards player, was found in a swamp behind a toy store in northwestern Indiana



    Missing Woman's Body Found in Indiana Swamp

    Divers have found the body of a missing billiards player in a swamp behind a toy store in Indiana, police said.

    Lake County sheriff's divers discovered the body of Dawn Fital, 45, was discovered between Hobart and Merrillville, according to Deputy Commander Rob Arnold. An autopsy was planned.

    Police had arrested her boyfriend in Merrillville on Tuesday after he was found acting suspiciously behind a bank. Information from the boyfriend "led to the discovery of the body," Arnold said.

    Fital lived with the man and her ex-husband at an apartment complex near Ann Arbor, Mich. about 35 miles southwest of Detroit, Pittsfield Township Public Safety Chief Matt Harshberger said.

    Police removed boxes, computers and other items from the Pittsfield apartment Wednesday. Fital's former husband told police that he hadn't been in contact with her since Monday.

    On Fital's Facebook page, she says, "I know I am a pool playing bum, but that's how I roll." She won at least $600 at an event this month in Las Vegas, according to results posted online by the Valley National 8-Ball League Association.

    "She's just below the upper tier" of players, said Nick Leider, managing editor of Billiards Digest, after looking at Fital's results from the past few years. "She hasn't won anything big."

    Francine Bowles, 27, a cousin of Fital's ex-husband, recalled playing with Fital's children years ago while their mother sharpened her game.

    "It was definitely her passion," said Bowles of Kimberly, Wis. "She'd be in the basement practicing while we were watching a movie. She was just really good at it."