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Missing Student's Family Turns to Internet for Help

Columbia College student reported missing



    Missing Student's Family Turns to Internet for Help
    Jay Pohill has been missing for days.

    While social media is a major source of time-wasting activity, one family is hoping it will aid them in a very important endeavor.

    Police are searching for Jay Polhill, a 20-year-old Columbia College Chicago student who was last seen February 28 at his dormitory, the Sun-Times reports.

    Friends and family have already filed an official missing-person report, however, in an effort to assist police in their search, they have also posted Polhill's information and photo on several websites.

    One such website is Reddit.com, a social news aggregation site, where users comment and vote on links shared by other users. As of Wednesday night, the link referring to Polhill's disappearance had received 87 "up" votes and 5 "down" votes.

    "Jay is a truly wonderful guy whose many friends, girlfriend and family love him dearly. He is an extremely talented photographer. He is of slight build, about 5'5" with dark wavy hair," said one commenter.

    Belmont Area detectives are investigating, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.