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Missing Roosevelt Student Found in Submerged Car

Unidentified decomposed body found inside car



    Missing Roosevelt Student Found in Submerged Car

    The family of missing Roosevelt University student Syed "Zain" Naqi  confirmed Monday that a badly decomposed body found in a car in Belmont Harbor is his.

    Family members told WBBM 780 in an email that the previously unidentifiable body, which was pulled from a submerged car found in Belmont Harbor, belonged to the 22-year-old student.

    A boater spotted the car with a body inside Sunday afternoon. The car was registered to Naqi, but the Cook County Medical Examiner's office hesitated to identify the body because it was so badly decomposed.

    Naqi was last with friends May 1 at Rebel Bar and Grille on N. Clark St. The next morning his father, Syed Naqi, said he received a text message from his son that read "Goodbye, Dad." No one heard from 22-year old again.

    Residents in the area where the car was found said a few weeks ago the fence was badly bent and tire tracks could be seen leading to the water, according to the Sun-Times

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