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Missing Money? Lost $1,000 Goes Unclaimed

Family searches for owners of cash-stuffed envelope



    Missing Money? Lost $1,000 Goes Unclaimed

    What would you do if you found $1,000.

    If there was a good chance of getting away with it, unfortunately, many, if not most people would take the money and run.

    Except if you're the Dowdles. The Glenview family reached out to the Chicago Tribune's Problem Solver after Shannon Dowdle found an envelope full of cash on a sidewalk outside the Shops at Orchard Place in Skokie a few days before Christmas.

    The search for the rightful owners has become a family project ever since, contacting several area stores to see if anyone reported money missing, placing an ad on Craigslist and even contacting the bank whose name was on the envelope.

    The only lead they received was an elderly couple who reported losing the money to one of the stores, but refused to leave their names.

    NBC Chicago would also like to help find the rightful owners. If the money is yours, please contact the newsroom at tipsfor10@nbcuni.com or 312-836-5658.

    And of course you'll need to know some information about the envelope the money was found in, plus the denominations.