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Military Mom Torn Over Afghan Withdrawal

Mother of two in the military says she supports Obama's decision but wonders about the motive



    Joyce Carrasco, mother of two children in the military, says moments of President Obama's speech on Wednesday to withdraw troops made sense to her, and other made her wonder. (Published Thursday, June 23, 2011)

    There was a moment in President Obama's speech on Wednesday that gave hope to Joyce Carrasco, the mother of two children in the military.

    Near the end of Obama's directive to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, he talked about the United States as a family and how the time has come to reach out to those family members serving in the war.

    "That was a very high moment for me," Carrasco said.

    Carrasco's daughter, a judge advocate general, leaves soon to return to Afghanistan, and her son, currently in Chili, served three combat tours of Iraq, where he received a bronze star.

    As a mother, Carrasco says she wants every military mom's children to come home, but she knows it's harder than it sounds. And though she supports Obama as commander in chief, she worries about those troops remaining in Afghanistan.

    "This war has gone on way too long," she said. "And I truly believe there will not be a military solution [to the war], there has to be a political solution."

    To that point, she can't help but wonder about Obama's motivation behind his announcement.

    "For me it's difficult to determine the difference between a political decision and a military decision," she said. "There's a very fine line, and I'm hoping that it's not because it is moving into an election year."

    In the end, she clings to Obama's remarks about family and supporting the troops. And she urges the country to remember those who lost their lives.

    "I have to truly believe what President Obama has said, that this is time to end this war."