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Midday Stampede: Should Rose Help Recruit Dwight Howard?

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    Midday Stampede: Should Rose Help Recruit Dwight Howard?
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    Dwight Howard has shown no desire to play in Chicago, but there are those who feel that management and by extension, Derrick Rose, should make a run at him anyway.

    Despite giving virtually no indication that Dwight Howard has an interest in playing in Chicago, there are people who still feel the Bulls should pursue him anyway.

    There are also people who think Derrick Rose, who has long been against “recruiting” guys to come and play in the Windy City – because he feels he doesn't have to – should be instrumental in trying to get the Orlando big man to embrace playing in the Windy City.

    Nobody knows what the future holds for Dwight Howard. He is now seen as a disingenuous figure after requesting a trade in Orlando then committing to the team for another year only to later be seen as waffling from that.

    It seems that the firing of Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith were directly related to the team attempting to appease him. Still, there are questions about his maturity and how serious he really is about winning. Is that the kind of guy Bulls fans want around long-term?

    Of course teaming him up with Rose makes sense as it would almost certainly deliver another championship to Chicago, but the unfortunate and most glaring aspect is that no one really knows what he wants to do.

    Unfortunately, that's not going to stop a segment of Bulls fans from wanting to see his No. 12 jersey in red, black and white, as unlikely as that may be.

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