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Midday Stampede: What's Playing In D. Rose's Headphones?

Take a listen at the music Derrick Rose plays as he rehabs his knee



    Midday Stampede: What's Playing In D. Rose's Headphones?
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    Ever wanted to know what kind of music Derrick Rose listens to? The MVP put together a playlist.

    Derrick Rose is a huge fan of Young Jeezy. I can recall an instance during Rose’s MVP season when he rushed to get dressed and complete his media duties after a home game so he could make it to a show Jeezy was playing locally.

    So it comes as no surprise that Derrick would have plenty of the Atlanta rapper’s music on his Spotify playlist which, incidentally, does come as a surprise that he actually uses the music streaming service.
    The playlist, released on Facebook Tuesday by Rose, appears on the SkullCandy website, the headphone maker he endorses.

    Aside from Young Jeezy there’s some 2Pac, Lil’ Wayne, Chicago native Kanye West and Bob Marley. All of the songs on the playlist are edited, and if you have Spotify, you can subscribe to it and listen to the same music Rose is playing as he continues working through knee rehab.

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