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Midday Stampede: Bulls Championship Drought, 15 Years and Counting

Bulls fans' championship patience is running thin -- 1998 was a very long time ago



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    The last Bulls championship came in 1998 and this banner is symbolic of Bulls fan frustration.

    By the end of the 2013 season, it’ll be 15 years since the Bulls last held a parade in Grant Park symbolizing their NBA championship. 

    To put that into an even greater perspective, Derrick Rose was 7 years old the last time the team earned the right to hang another banner from the United Center rafters.
    In the 14 years that passed since the ’98 championship, the fan base has had to endure six consecutive seasons of basketball irrelevance with the first three of those being sub-20 win campaigns and the next eight years seeing seven postseason appearances with five of those being first-round and out.
    While the recent White Sox and Blackhawks titles have provided a brief respite from this city’s championship drought, it’s safe to say that Chicago is hungry (and long overdue) for another basketball victory parade.
    Based on their thirst for another title – and rightfully so – fans may hate what the Bulls have done in free-agency this summer, but removing the emotion, there is a method to the Bulls' madness. It's not the fast-track approach to a title that some may want, but instead, a more pragmatic one.
    So to that end, it's worth referencing the classic clichés of patience being a virtue and tough times don’t last, tough people do.