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Midday Stampede: Cavs Interested in Omer Asik?

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    Midday Stampede: Cavs Interested in Omer Asik?
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    Could the Bulls possibly lose Omer Asik in free agency this summer?

    It's no secret that the Bulls have some decisions to make this summer regarding Omer Asik. The 21-year-old Turkish big man will be a restricted free agent and the team is expected to try and re-sign him.

    But that could prove difficult with the Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly showing a strong interest in acquiring the seven-footer. The Cavs can basically steal Omer away by signing him to an offer sheet the Bulls would be unable to match given their already shaky cap situation.

    The Bulls have long been known to overvalue and overpay their own players and it'll be interesting to see if that pattern holds true. Omer Asik, based on size and potential, will be high on a lot of teams' free agency lists, not just the Cavaliers. 

    Will the front office try and do everything to keep him? Or are they willing to let him walk and find someone to replace him?