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Daley Says Scott Won't Benefit From Olympics Project

"He's not involved," says the Big Swingin' D



    Daley Says Scott Won't Benefit From Olympics Project
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    Mayor Daley says Michael Scott does not have a conflict of interest with real estate deals.

    The Big Swingin' D says Michael Scott won't profit from a West Side development near a proposed Olympic venue.

    "He's not involved," Daley told the Sun-Times after the Bud Billiken Parade this weekend. "He's supporting the Olympics. Everybody is supporting the Olympics."

    Scott is a member of the Chicago 2016 committee and, according to earlier reports, has the inside track to develop a city-owned parcel in Douglas Park adjacent to one of the proposed Olympic sites.

    But for his part Scott has denied any profiteering.

    On Friday Scott said he'd been assisting a group of ministers who, since 2006, had been trying to develop city-owned land into affordable housing near Douglas Park. The ministers would split any profits, he said Friday, but added that the city has not shown interest in the idea for two years.

    At another press event, Scott said that the situation isn't the insider deal that some are making it out to be.

    "This is just a proposal that has been discussed by certain individuals in the 24th, 28th and 27th ward, department of planning staff, and nothing more has come of those discussions.  The city has no formal plans or deal at this time, for any lots to be sold or conveyed for any amount of money for this proposed project," he said.

    Scott said he's simply continuing to invest in the community where he was raised.

    "I've had an interest in Douglas Park long before the Olympics came and will probably have an interest long after we get them or not," Scott was quoted by the Chicago Tribune as saying. "That's where I was raised, that's what I know, so if that's something that's punishable, I can't tell you that."

    The International Olympic Committee will award the 2016 Summer Games to either Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid or Rio de Janeiro during an event in Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct. 2.