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Media Types Kissed Blago's Butt

"Give me a f---- call when you (sic) jave a f----- minute."



    Media Types Kissed Blago's Butt
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    Everybody wanted a piece of Blago.

    No wonder Rod Blagojevich went on a media blitz after his arrest in January. The media was kissing his butt.

    Today Gawker published a set of emails requesting interviews with the governor. The emails come from all over the news spectrum, including CNN, the Today show, ABC Nightly News and, yes, even NBC. 

    Below are some of the juicier tidbits from emails that went out to Blago’s people the day of his arrest. Read 'em all here.

    From: CBS Early Show

    … There is far too much hearsay going around and in our opinion his perspective is clearly being ignored. We want to provide a platform for the Governor to be able to set the record straight, something that he hasn’t been able to accomplish thus far.

    … We can do the interview anytime and anywhere that is convenient to him, we can go to your offices or rent a private space to keep him away from the rest of the media’s view.

    From: Good Morning America/ABC News

    … Diane [Sawyer] would like to give him the opportunity to set the record straight, directly answer the allegations and correct any misinformation he may believe is out there after the several press conferences that have gone on today.

    From: WGN TV

    … We’d like to invite you on our morning program … Obviously I couldn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t be asked some tricky questions, but I wouldn’t expect you to be able to comment on a federal investigation, and could easily brush that off.

    … On a personal not, I (sic) nor have the colleagues in the business whom I have respected (sic) get any delight watching any individual nor their families suffer

    From: ABC Chicago’s Andy Shaw

    … Give me a f---- call when you (sic) jave a f----- minute.