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McDonald's to Launch Tortilla Burger

McDonald's to launch the Mac Snack Wrap in January



    McDonald's to Launch Tortilla Burger

    Yo quiero taco mac?

    Introducing the Mac Snack Wrap, a new Big Mac-wrapped-in-a-tortilla menu item that'll hit local McDonald's starting in January.

    Oak Brook-based McDonald’s Corp. is looking to nationally launch the new combo-burger, which has been successfully tested for $1.49 in different parts of the U.S. and Canada, Crain’s Chicago reports.

    But that won’t be the only surprise coming from McDonald’s next year.

    To fight back a decline in breakfast orders, the chain has tried out a dollar menu that should make its way on menus throughout the entire country, alongside a new series of smoothies and frappes starting in July.

    Get ready to be fat! Awesome!