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Matt Forte: Heartbreaker

"I love sexy lips. I hate bad breath and bad attitudes," Forte said



    Matt Forte: Heartbreaker
    Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is a stud on and off the field.

    Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte can do more than just break long runs on the football field. 

    He can also break hearts.

    Forte participated in a Cosmopolitan magazine Q&A called “Exclusive! Dating Tips from Sexy NFL Stars.”

    In it, Forte reveals what he looks for in a woman, as far as first impressions go.

    Cosmo: What is something a woman can do on a first date that would guarantee a second one?

    Matt: “She can show that she has an authentic personality and have a good, genuine conversation with me. Also, I love sexy lips. I hate bad breath and bad attitudes.

    Forte joined other NFLers Tony Gonzalez, David Anderson, Terrell Owens, Wes Welker, Matt Cassel, Kerry Rhodes, Miles Austin and Patrick Willis in dishing on thier dating peeves.

    Kansas City QB Cassel may have had the best line of the bunch.

    In response to the question what's something a woman might say that would turn you off? Cassel replied: "I had garlic for lunch."