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Investigation Finds Yang Saw Gayle Evening Before Killing

Obsessed with Shaun Gayle, Marni Yang accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend



    Investigation Finds Yang Saw Gayle Evening Before Killing
    Chicago Sun-Times
    Authorities say Marni Yang (L) killed Rhoni Reuter when she was pregnant with Shaun Gayle's baby.

    Police have said all along that the woman charged with killing former Bears player Shaun Gayle's pregnant girlfriend had an intense obession with him.  Now, NBC5 has learned the investigation shows that woman -- Marni Yang -- saw Gayle the evening before the killing.

    Unit 5 learned that the investigation found that Yang brought dinner to Gayle, then left and stayed with a friend that night.  Gayle had no idea what would happen the next morning.

    Within a week of the murder of Gayle's girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, three tipsters named Yang as a suspect, Deerfield Police Chief John Sliozis said.

    "The information they were leaving was that she would be an individual capable of doing something like this because of the relationship she had with Shaun Gayle," Sliozis said.

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    Shaun Gayle has said he will be at the trial. In response to our reporting, he said "very little is true," but he declined to be specific. For months, we've tried to sit down with him for an interview, but he declined that as well. Marni Yang has pleaded not guilty.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    The former Chicago Bears player was Reuter's longtime boyfriend and the father of her unborn child -- a daughter who would have been named Skylar.

    Yang, a divorced real estate agent and aspiring fitness model, told friends she'd been seeing Gayle, but he says that's just not true.

    "Any social time I spent with Yang outside of real estate business could only be described as limited, casual and sporadic at best," Gayle said.

    Yang has pleaded not guilty.  Her lawyer did not return our calls.