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Marilyn Monroe Statue Moves Into New Home

"Forever Marylin" lands in her new temporary home in Palm Springs



    Marilyn Monroe Statue Moves Into New Home
    KMIR 6 TV - NBC
    "Forever Marilyn" enjoys her new home in Palm Springs.

    Marilyn Monroe has officially begun her California vacation.

    The 26-foot statue of the actress' famous skirt-billowing pose arrived Monday in her temporary home, changing its scenery from Chicago's Pioneer Court to the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon drives in Palm Springs.

    It's not clear whether "Forever Marilyn" will stir up the same controversy she did in Chicago after its implementation last July. One man visiting Palm Springs from Northern California told NBC sister station KMIR 6 TV - NBC the statue is "a great tribute to the history of this whole area."

    Back in Chicago, some viewed Monroe's pose as sexist. One website,, ranked her the worst piece of public art in the world. Still artist Seward Johnson said in a statement he enjoyed seeing the reactions to the statue while it was in Chicago.

    The 40,000-pound statue is scheduled to be unveiled May 24. She is expected to reside in Palm Springs until June 2013.