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Man's Facebook Update Lands Him in Jail

Friend alerted police after reading violent threat



    Man's Facebook Update Lands Him in Jail
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    Police didn't LOL when a Buffalo Grove man made threats on Facebook.

    It's always a good policy to think before you speak. That same rule applies when "speaking" to your dozens (or hundreds) of Facebook friends via a status update.

    A Buffalo Grove, Illinois, man was arrested after he allegedly made violent threats on Facebook, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    Police arrested Michael E. Sullivan, 41, at his Vernon Hills workplace after a status update "alarmed and disturbed" an out-of-state Facebook friend enough to notify authorities.

    "Mike Sullivan is again ready to start killing indiscriminately. I'm going to put Vernon Hills on the freakin map," the update said, according to police.

    We've all said stupid things online. Heck, it's the Internet, it was made (by Al Gore, if you believe the lolcatz) for stupid things. But we're going to have to draw the line at threats of mass violence.

    Of course, Sullivan says he was J/K—or, just kidding.

    Sullivan is a single dad who works three jobs so, understandably, he experiences a lot of stress. He told officers he was just venting, according to the Daily Herald.

    Maybe next time he should try some hot tea.

    Sullivan was charged with disorderly conduct and released on $75 bail. He is due in court April 19.

    We're pretty sure Sullivan is following one less 'Friend.'

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.