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Man With 10 Names Nets 111th Arrest

Suspect stole items from Mag Mile store, say police



    Man With 10 Names Nets 111th Arrest
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    These burglars' plan hit the bricks.

    A man by any other name would still be just as criminal.

    On Monday afternoon, a South Side man with more than 10 aliases was arrested for allegedly stealing two Chicago Cubs jackets from the Chicago Tribune store on Michigan Avenue, reports the Sun-Times.

    Someone from the Mag Mile store had called authorities earlier that day to describe a suspected retail thief, according to a police report.

    Officials stopped Thomas Greene, 47, who matched the description, police said. A quick search of his person reportedly revealed two pricey Chicago Cubs jackets but no receipt.

    A five-finger discount, perhaps?

    Police took Greene back to the store, where video surveillance allegedly showed the suspect stuffing two jackets into his coat and walking out without paying, reports the Sun-Times.

    Greene, who has at least 10 aliases and 111 arrests, later admitted to taking the items, police said.

    There is no word on whether Greene's other identities have admitted to any wrongdoing.

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