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Man Who Found $150K in Garden Dies 2 Years Later

Wayne Sabaj died Monday after a diabetic problem, his lawyer said



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    Wayne Sabaj before getting his teeth done by Dr. Mazar Shuaipaj, who did the work for free after Sabaj turned in $150,000 of found money to authorities.

    A northern Illinois man who discovered $150,000 in cash in his McHenry County vegetable garden died, nearly two years after discovering the bag of money.

    Wayne Sabaj's lawyer, Robert Burke, says the 51-year-old Johnsburg man died Monday after a diabetic problem.

    Sabaj found the cash in his garden in late August, 2011, when he went to pick some broccoli for dinner. The money was wrapped in plastic and stuffed in two nylon bags.

    Sabaj was getting ready to head to court later this month in a fight about who owns the money. His neighbor claimed she owned the cash, but died in January.

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    Wayne Sabaj, an unemployed carpenter, turned in $150,000 to police that he found in his garden. Elite Dental wanted to reward his honesty by giving him a new smile.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 24, 2011)

    A Naperville liquor store also tried to stake a claim on the money, which the owner said was taken during an armed robbery.

    Burke said portion of the money will be distributed to Sabaj's estate, along with the estate of his 87-year-old neighbor.