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Man Sues McDonald's Over "Poisonous" McNuggets



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    A man is suing McDonald’s, claiming a “poisonous” order of Chicken McNuggets made him gravely ill.

    In November 2011, Christopher Wilson said he ordered the McNuggets -– which he claims looked and tasted funny - from the Westmont Mcdonald’s Restaurant at 31 E. 63rd St., a few miles from the fast food giant’s corporate headquarters.

    Wilson claims he soon fell seriously ill and wracked up significant bills for medical care, according to the suit filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.

    Wilson seeks $100,000 for the "great pain and anguish" that he suffered “both in mind and body” as a result of eating the spoiled McNuggets, the suit states.

    A spokesman or the McDonald’s Corporation was not made available Friday evening.