Man Smeared Excrement on Parking Ticket Before Mailing - NBC Chicago

Man Smeared Excrement on Parking Ticket Before Mailing

Note attached, admitting to wiping



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    We all can sympathize. Getting a parking ticket can make your day very crappy. But there's no need to spread that crap around.

    As a sign of protest, Alexander J. Bailey, 22, allegedly smeared poop on a parking ticket and mailed it back to the village of Bartlett, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Pity the poor village hall employee who, according to police, opened the envelope and discovered the brown stains and a horrible odor.

    Bailey, from Medinah, had attached a note to the $15 ticket, explaining that he had wiped his posterior with it, officials said.

    Bailey was arrested last week on charges of disorderly conduct. He posted $500 bail and is due back in court in June, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    There goes any chance at a clean record.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.