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Man Sentenced to 55 Years For Stabbing Landlord

Martin Gomez was convicted of stabbing his landlord 111 times



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    Martin Gomez, 26, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for stabbing his landlord 111 times in 2007.

    A Joliet man was sentenced on Wednesday to 55 years in jail for stabbing his former landlord.

    Martin Gomez, 26, was convicted in April of stabbing Joseph Salamie to death in 2007. Gomez was also convicted of home invasion and robbery. He stole about $1,000 in cash from Salamie before stabbing him approximately 111 times.

    Salamie, who lived on a horse farm, had rented Gomez a trailer prior to the attack.

    After initially being attacked, Salamie tried fleeing the residence. His body was found in a ditch outside his house.

    Gomez's DNA was found in Salamie's bathroom, and witnesses said that they saw Gomez covered in blood near his house after the attack.

    Salamie's cell phone and credit card were also discovered in Gomez's car. His girlfriend testified that Gomez had admitted to her that he killed Salamie.