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Escaped Prisoner Leads Cops on 90-Mile Chase in Stolen Squad

Pursuing officers nearly ran out of gas



    Under the Tucson Sun

    In a brazen act of criminal mischief, a Humbolt Park man who was arrested in Rockford for allegedly crashing his car into a home there, managed to steal the squad car he was in and drive it all the way to Chicago, cops said.

    He drove entire 90-mile trip while wearing handcuffs, according to the Sun-Times.

    Chicago police managed to stop the man at the intersection of Noble and Division at around 3:40 a.m. which was a good thing for the Rockford cops in pursuit: their squad cars nearly ran out of gas during the trek, sources said.

    The man was still handcuffed when Chicago police arrested him. After his initial arrest in Rockford he was placed in the back of a car with no partition, and the officer who was responsible for him stopped along the way to assist a fellow officer on another case.

    The suspect took advantage of the officer’s absence, hopped the seat and took off.

    He never turned on the sirens or the lights and kept the rig below 80 miles per hour during the more than hour-long pursuit.

    The man will be charged with auto theft and now faces "a multitude" of additional traffic violations, Hoey said. He will also undergo an intoxication evaluation.