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Man Hides Out in Macy's, Gets Tased

Police: Man has been arrested dozens of times



    Man Hides Out in Macy's, Gets Tased
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    Dedicated shoppers will camp out for hours for a good discount before a store opens.

    A South Side man had something similar in mind when he hunkered down in the State Street Macy's after closing hours, reports the Sun-Times.

    Security officers found Amos Israel, 40, inside the downtown store Saturday night more than an hour after closing time. They suspected that he hid inside the store in an effort to leave with stolen merchandise, police said.

    We've heard of early bird specials. Is this the night owl version?

    When authorities came to arrest Israel, he was reportedly "very aggressive" and resisted.

    You'd think he would've been accustomed to the procedure by now. After all, this was his 64th arrest, having been previously convicted of attempted burglary, criminal trespass and attempted armed robbery.

    Nonetheless, Israel was being difficult, officials said. The police needed to subdue him, and a barcode scanner gun just wasn't going to cut it. So they reached for their Tasers, according to the Sun-Times.

    Once Tased and restrained, Israel was then taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and charged with burglary and resisting arrest, police said.

    The magic of Macy's didn't work for this guy. He couldn't disappear.

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