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How to Get 8 Traffic Tickets in 10 Minutes

He didn't even make it around the block



    How to Get 8 Traffic Tickets in 10 Minutes
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    A Glenolden man was arrested after hopping in a an empty police cruiser and using their radio

    This could be the worst 10 minutes ever. 

    That’s how long it took Michael Zeer, 34, to rack up eight traffic and criminal tickets in downtown Naperville, according to the Naperville Sun.

    He didn't even make it around the block. 

    In that short time-span he even managed to head-butt a Naperville police officer, the paper notes. 

    Zeer’s 10 minute traffic crime spree began near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Main Street at 12:09 a.m. when a cop observed him:

    • Improperly backing up his Acura SUV.
    • Rolling through a stop sign.
    • Failing to signal for a turn.
    • Disregarding a traffic light.
    • Crossing the yellow median on a wide right turn.

    His erratic driving led the police officer to pull over Zeer. Once out of the car the officer and his partner decided Zeer was intoxicated and tried to arrest him. 

    That’s when things got down right ugly. 

    As the officer and his partner tried to cuff the driver, he “twisted, turned and threw his body weight around in an attempt to resist arrest,” said police Commander Mike Anders on Tuesday.  Then Anders said Zeer “made physical contact of an insulting nature" -  which is police-ese for head-butting one of the officers in the face. 

    The officer wasn’t seriously hurt, but Zeer wracked up:

    • Driving while intoxicated.
    • Resisting arrest.
    • Battery to an officer of the law.

    It all ended at 12:19 – 10 minutes after it started - when during the struggle Zeer stumbled and hit his head against the SUV. 

    Zeer’s free on bail and faces a long list of charges including battery and resisting arrest.  He’s waiting for an arraignment date in a Dupage County Circuit Court in Wheaton. He should consider public transportation.