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Man Gets 6 Months For Flipping Off a Judge



    Man Gets 6 Months For Flipping Off a Judge
    Peter Dazeley
    Um, excuse me sir. That's the wrong finger.

    Careful where you wave that thing, it could land you in jail.

    A 24-year-old Crystal Lake man who was in court facing up to home invasion charges gave the judge the bird during the swearing in and landed in the pokey for 6 months for contempt of court.

    Kane Kellett, who was accused of breaking into and acquaintance’s home and trying to assault him with a flashlight, had already gotten one pass from the judge, according to the Sun-Times.

    "When they brought him out of the lockup he looked very unhappy. He was looking down all the time," McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi said. "The judge asked him 'Sir, do you have an attorney?' and he said 'F--- no.' "

    The offending finger incident happened when the baliff asked the man to swear an oath to the court. Needless to say he didn’t place his right hand on the bible.

    Bianchi said he hopes Kellett serves as a lesson to others not to disrespect the court.

    "I'm hoping that this sends a message to all those who appear before our judges here that they must show some respect for the court and the court system," Bianchi said.

    Kellett will have to repeat his court appearance for home invasion after he’s done with his contempt sentence.