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Man Fired for Saying No to Bongs

The gas station he worked at began selling marijuana friendly products



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    Kenneth McAllister created the shirt in protest to his gas station selling drug paraphenalia.

    Just say no ... and say no to bongs.

    That's what one man working at a south suburban gas station said when his store began selling drug paraphernalia, a stance for which he was fired.

    Kenneth McAllister wore a T-shirt with the anti-drug slogan "SAY NO TO BONGS!!!" when the Homewood Citgo station he worked at began selling bongs, glass pipes and baggies of fake marijuana, according to the Sun-Times

    McAllister claims the shirt was his way of silently protesting after arguments with his manager lead nowhere.

    Illinois does allow for selling of such paraphernalia so long as they are designated for tobacco use. However, the report says that even police agreed with McAllister that selling bongs was pushing it. They ordered the owner to lay off the pipes and put the bongs away.

    It's one sale that went up in smoke for the owner who has declined to comment. See the SunTimes Media report for more details.