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Man Finds Cash in Pile of Doodie

Cleaned money and gave it to dog's owner



    Man Finds Cash in Pile of Doodie
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    According to several sources, a large percentage of U.S. currency has traces of cocaine. Perhaps we should be grateful they're not coated in something worse.

    Steve Wilson, an employee at DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal in St. Louis, recently found $58 inside a batch of dog poop, according to the AP.

    Wilson then cleaned the bills and returned them to the dog's owner.


    Wilson said he wasn't sure what to do when he saw the money sticking out of the poop.

    After all, what's your limit? One dollar? Five dollars? Twenty dollars? How much do you have to see in that pile of poop before you're willing to go after it?

    The trusty and brave employee pulled out the cash, sanitized it, and returned it in a plastic zip-locked bag to the customer, reports the AP.

    That must've been an interesting conversation. Hey, has your dog eaten a large amount of cash recently?

    According to the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, Wilson is the first person in his profession to find and report money in dog poop.

    Well no kidding.

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