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Man Fights Police in Elgin Jail



    Man Fights Police in Elgin Jail
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    FILE IMAGE: Elgin police had their hands full Thanksgiving day when a drunk guy fought with eight officers inside the jail.

    The holiday season did not get off to a great start for one Elgin man, who was arrested Thursday after allegedly getting into an altercation with more than a half-dozen police officers inside the city jail.

    James M. Luecke, 44, of the 1000 block of Lakewood Road, was charged with aggravated assault and resisting a peace officer, according to police reports.

    Police said Luecke was in the holding area of the police station discussing an earlier report that alleged he and his brother Doug were involved in a fight, when he reportedly began trying to kick a man who was being held inside a cell.

    Officers detained Luecke and placed him inside a cell, where they said he became highly irate and tried to fight with officers.

    Police said that as they were in the process of trying to move him to a padded cell, Luecke became uncooperative and refused to move, threatening to beat up officers. Reports also said he appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the incident.

    As many as eight officers were called and several shots of pepper spray were reportedly administered before Luecke was finally moved.

    Luecke bonded out Friday and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. He was currently on probation after being convicted in November 2008 of charges that included criminal damage to government property, resisting a police officer and unlawful possession of marijuana.