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Man Caught Videotaping Woman in Tanning Salon

The victim was applying tanning lotion



    Man Caught Videotaping Woman in Tanning Salon
    Bolingbrook Police
    Manuel A. Lara, 29, was arrested for allegedly videotaping a woman at a tanning salon.

    This is one tanning salon customer who's hot ... and bothered.

    A woman who was applying tanning lotion in a bathing suit at her tanning salon noticed a man in the next booth videotaping her on Tuesday. Police responded and arrested the perp.

    The 30-year-old woman called police at 7:45 p.m. after she reportedly saw the man with a hand camera.

    "The victim was applying lotion when she observed a hand holding a camera coming from the adjacent booth," Lt. Mike Rompasaid to the Herald News. "(She) called out to the manager and reported what happened. They both confronted the subject in the next booth."

    The perp, Manuel A. Lara, 29, denied any wrongdoing and left the building, but was confronted by responding officers, who seized a camera with footage of the victim.

    Lara's being held in Will County Jail on a felony charge of unauthorized video recording.