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Man Sets Guinness World Record for Sports Watching

Ultimate Couch Potato also breaks world record



    Man Sets Guinness World Record for Sports Watching

    With such horrible weather outside, it's tempting to sit all day on the couch, under a blanket, with remote in hand. But even if you spent all day lounging, you'd still have nothing on Jeff Miller of Rogers Park.

    At 4:21 a.m. Monday, 26-year-old Miller won ESPN Zone's Ultimate Couch Potato Competition for the third consecutive time. As if that weren't enough, he added a feather to his cap—or beans to his dip?—by remaining seated another 6 hours, thereby setting a new Guinness World Record: 72 consecutive hours of sports-watching.

    "It's all about determination," said Miller, who was allowed one five-minute break per hour and one bathroom break every eight hours.

    "Most people have no idea what it takes to win," said ESPN Zone's Brian Hanover, reports the Chicago Tribune. "They don't understand the endurance it takes to stay awake and control bodily issues."

    That's right, contestants had to stay awake the entire time. And if you've ever seen some of those pointless interviews or "expert" round tables, you know just how difficult it is to remain attentive.

    Miller, a real estate business owner, was rewarded with a new recliner, a $1000 gift card toward a new TV, free cable/satellite for a year, and $1000 in ESPN Zone credit. Oh, and of course a trophy, topped with an actual potato.

    So the next time you're accused of doing nothing, just explain that you're in training.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.