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Man Attempts to Escape from Court



    Man Attempts to Escape from Court
    Tyray Cooper, 20, unsuccessfully tried to escape from bond court while facing two counts of criminal sexual assault of a child. Not handcuffed, Cooper fled after receiving a bond of $80,000, but didn't make it far before deputies apprehended him.

    A man who unsuccessfully tried to escape bond court is now being held on an $85,000 bail.

    Tyray Cooper, 20, was in court Tuesday to face two counts of criminal sexual assault of a child.

    Cooper was not handcuffed while in court, and he made his escape attempt moments after Judge James Rhodes had set his bond at $80,000. 

    The suspect broke away from deputies escorting him from the courtroom and got as far as the attorney tables before deputies apprehended him.

    His family made quite the scene, shouting at the deputies and one member throwing the courtroom doors open, hitting a young family member in the process.

    Cooper struggled with the deputies, but was eventually handcuffed and returned to his cell. He's back in court July 8.