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Man Arrested for Refusing to Leave Jail



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    Cook County Sheriff's officers arrested a man for refusing to leave Cook County Jail this past weekend.

    Deiondre Walker, 26, assaulted two officers because he did not agree with jail's policies, according to authorities.

    Walker arrived at the jail Friday night on possession of marijuana charges, and was released on bond Saturday evening. As he was leaving the jail and heading for the main gates, he asked an officer if he could keep his jail identification card. The officer refused, stating that the card was property of the county. Walker began to complain.

    Walker then began to ignore commands to leave the jail, according to authorities. When two officers attempted to escort him form the premises, Walker "began using expletives to express his desire to keep his ID and how he didn't agree with the policy that it was the sheriff's property," according to a release.

    Walker then clenched his fists and threatened the officers. When they attempted to restrain him with handcuffs, Walker scratched the officers.

    Walker was taken into custody. This is the 29th time Walker has been arrested in the last ten years, according to authorities.