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Madina Lake Bassist Hospitalized After Brutal Attack

Was reportedly trying to break up a street fight



    Madina Lake Bassist Hospitalized After Brutal Attack
    Matthew Leone

    The bassist for Chicago-based band Madina Lake has been critically injured and hospitalized after breaking up a street fight.

    Matthew Leone was reportedly beaten unconscious when he attempted to stop a man severely beating his wife earlier this week.  Leone’s brother and band mate Nathan posted an update on his blog:

    Being the most amazing, strong, heroic and incredible person I know… even though the guy was twice his size, Matthew intervened. He managed to subdue this guy for a second and sine his wife was beat up pretty good called the cops… as he did so the guy jumped him from behind and beat him. After words, he and his beaten wife left Matthew unconscious on the street.

    "He knew going into it that it was probably going to be a bad outcome for him, but he has the heart and the moral capacity and, I don't know, heroism, to just go for it," Nathan Leone said on Thursday.

    Nathan wrote that a third of Leone’s skull was removed and he is still recovering in the hospital. Details on the location of the attack and the identity of the offender are still unknown.