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Maday Escape Route Still Baffles Cops

Cops don't know where he went.



    Maday Escape Route Still Baffles Cops
    Cook County Police
    How in the world did this guy get so far?

    Cops still can’t figure out where Robert Maday went during his day of fugitive freedom.

    After he overpowered two guards who were transporting him to jail on Sept. 17, police thought they had him pinned down in an Arlington Heights apartment complex. They raided the facility, kicked in doors and used flash bang grenades at the housing unit where he was believed to be holed up, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    But soon after they learned that he had traveled 15 miles away to Hanover Park, when a bartender there called in a tip that she had seen him.

    How’d he get there?

    Cops don’t know. They questioned cab drivers and bus drivers and the like, but nobody remembers seeing the guy.

    All investigators have is a working theory that the didn't share with reporters.

    The important part is they caught him. Maday likely won’t be pulling anymore disappearing acts once he’s behind the bars of a federal prison, which is where he’s going after that escape stunt two weeks ago.