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Lupe, Kanye Support "Occupy', the 99 Percent

Kanye marched with Occupy Wall Street protesters, while Lupe has donated goods and supplies to other 'Occupy' groups



    Lupe, Kanye Support "Occupy', the 99 Percent
    Lupe Fiasco donated tents and supplies to 'Occupy' protesters in Denver and Oakland.

    "We are the 99 percent!"

    It's a chant that began in a Lower Manhattan park and has spread to cities across the country. It's the cry of a movement headed by those who have seen their standard of living erode as the nation's wealth is concentrated in the bank accounst of the wealthiest 1 percent.

    Well, unless you're multi-platinum rap superstars Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. The Chicago-born rappers have thrown their support behind the "Occupy" movement, despite being part of the wealthiest one percent.

    Kanye--the very same who creatively remodeled a Maybach for a recent music video--showed up, gold chains and all, to Zuccotti Park Monday and marched alongside other Occupy Wall Street protesters with producer Russell Simmons.

    While touring to promote his recent album "Lasers", Lupe has left a torrent of Tweets supporting 'Occupy' protesters in Denver, Oakland and San Francisco.

    Lupe donated tents, food and other supplies to the protesters and wrote a poem titled "Moneyman" identifying with the "Occupy" cause.

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    He said in a statement:

    "I plan on supporting the #Occupy movement from now forward in whatever capacity I can. In the short term I plan on giving my total focus to both #occupyChicago and #occupyLA but I am making myself available to any and all #Occupy movements no matter the size or circumstance. I hope the #Occupy movement becomes institutional and a permanent fixture of the social and political landscape of America. God willing.”