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Gas Prices Trending Downward

Fuel prices at lowest levels this year



    Gas Prices Trending Downward
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    Filling up at the pump is getting less and less painful.

    As the weather gets warmer the gas prices are getting lower.

    Gas prices starting going down on Feb. 22, and have reached an all-time low for this year for 2013. 

    The average price is down 5 cents a gallon in the city, but in the metro area the price is down 9 cents.

    Reuters reported the U.S. gas prices fell 5.56 cents per gallon over the last two weeks.

    A Lundberg’s survey tracked more than 2,500 gas stations and foudn that the most expensive gas was in Los Angeles at $4.23 a gallon and the cheapest was in Billings, Montana, at $3.31 a gallon.

    According to the cheapest gas is located at Sam’s Club in Addison on Rohlwing Rd and the most expensive gas is located at the BP on Lawrence Ave.