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Lottery Winner Arrested for Drugs on "Lucky" Day

Accused drug dealer had winning ticket



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    An Indiana lotto winner was arrested on his "lucky" day on drug charges.

    Are you having a great day today? Or are you having a miserable one? One Indiana man managed to have both in the same 24-hour period.

    Mark Chambers, 20, was arrested by Gary police on Monday for dealing drugs, reports the Post-Tribune. When they emptied his pockets they found a lottery ticket.

    A winning lottery ticket.

    Worth over $2,000.

    Do you think the police congratulated Chambers?

    Undercover detectives reportedly bought cocaine from 41-year-old Anthony Williams. After the sale, they followed Williams as he picked up more cocaine from Chambers, police told the Post-Tribune.

    Both were arrested.

    When police went through Chambers' pockets, they found an Indiana "Pick Four" lottery ticket worth $2,260.

    Yet, we don't think Chambers is feeling quite so lucky.

    Detectives are investigating if they can seize the cash prize.

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