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Lion-Burger Meat Came From Illinois

Arizona restaurant has questionable supplier



    Lion-Burger Meat Came From Illinois
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    Animal activists are up in arms over the "mane" attraction on an Arizona restaurant's menu this week.

    To celebrate the World Cup hosted by South Africa, the owner of Il Vinaio, in Phoenix, decided to add a lion burger to its menu.

    A lion burger. Made with lion meat. Made in Illinois. Homer Glen, to be exact.

    As you can imagine, restaurant owner Cameron Selogie has received plenty of e-mails and threats since he created a $21 burger, a mix of lion meat and regular ground beef.

    Selogie bought 10 pounds of frozen lion meat from Czimer's Game & Sea Foods, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    Here, the tale becomes even stranger.

    Czimer's owner (Richard Czimer) was sentenced to six months in prison in 2003, when he was found guilty of selling "lion meat" that was actually the meat of federally protected tigers and leopards, according to CNN Money.

    "This is the first I've heard of this," Selogie told the Chicago Tribune.

    Still feel like having that burger?

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