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Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes Newborn Monkey

Gray Bolivian Titi monkey born over the weekend



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    Lincoln Park Zoo
    The baby is spending most of its time nestled in the thick fur on mom’s back, according to Zoo officials.

    There's one more animal for you to see at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

    A Bolivian gray titi monkey was born on Saturday.

    It's too early to tell if the monkey, who weighed only a few ounces at birth, is a boy or a girl.

    It's the ninth offspring for its parents and zoo officials say the 21-year-old mother, Delasol, is the oldest of its species to give birth in a North American zoo.

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    Zoo officials say the birth is significant because Bolivian gray titi monkeys are in decline in their native South America due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade.

    The newborn joins only 50 other of its kind in zoos across the country.

    The whole clan of monkeys are on exhibit daily at the Helen Brach Primate House at the zoo.