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Golf Pro's Life Saving Skills Above Par

And you thought the sand trap was a rough obstacle



    Golf Pro's Life Saving Skills Above Par

    If you think golf is a boring game, you'd be flat-out wrong. A player in Wood Dale got the shock of his life on a golf course last month, literally.

    A man at the Maple Meadows Golf Course, identified only as a frequent player, suffered a heart attack at the fourth hole, reports the Daily Herald.

    Fortunately, assistant golf pro Bryan Lindstrom was at work in the shop that day. When he got word that the man was in trouble, he grabbed an automated external defibrillator and rushed to the scene as fast as the golf cart would let him.

    The victim's brother was performing CPR when Lindstrom arrived.

    "He wasn't conscious when I got there," Lindstrom told the Daily Herald. "He wasn't responding to anything. He was breathing faint breaths and making a moaning sound."

    Lindstrom followed the instructions on the defibrillator, whose single shock was enough to stabilize the man's heartbeat.

    And you thought the sand trap was a rough obstacle.

    Paramedics arrived soon after and took the man to Alexian Brothers Hospital, according to the Daily Herald.

    Fortunately, the man's brother called Lindstrom the next day to thank him and reported that the man was in stable condition. However, Lindstrom doesn't know much more than that because privacy laws prevent him and even the emergency crew from accessing medical info.

    There is also no word on how this will affect the man's handicap.

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