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Lawyer Steals from Church Friend

There's no place like jail for the holidays



    Lawyer Steals from Church Friend
    Money, money, money, money.

    There may be honor among thieves, but there certainly isn't any among lawyers.

    A Kane County attorney has been convicted of stealing more than $137,000 from her legal partner.

    Ann Day, of La Fox, and Karen Tietz met through their church in St. Charles and became legal partners in 2004, focusing mostly on real estate.

    But according to prosecutors and police, Day soon began diverting funds for her own personal use.

    Day, 52, was found guilty on October 2 of depositing checks made to the firm in her personal account. She had also forged Tietz's name on checks written to the firm and wrote herself checks from the firm's account.

    "This was not a business arrangement that went bad," said Assistant State's Attorney Jody Gleason, according to Breaking News. "This was a crime."

    Day was found guilty of 12 counts of theft and 16 counts of forgery. On Wednesday, she was sentenced to six months in the Kane County Jail and four years of probation. She must also make monthly restitution payments to her former partner.

    Due to time already served (Day has been in jail since October) and other sentencing reductions, Day will likely be released in about a month.

    "I'm glad she'll spend Christmas in jail," said Tietz.

    Do they serve fruitcake in prison?

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