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Lawyer: Gacy Victim Misidentified

DNA testing proves victim was not missing 14-year-old boy



    Lawyer: Gacy Victim Misidentified
    14-year old Michael Marino went missing in 1976.

    A victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy appears to have been misidentified.

    Lawyers for Sherry Marino told the Chicago Sun-Times that DNA testing on a body believed to be her 14-year-old son prove that it is not him.

    Michael Marino went missing in 1976. Last year, a Cook County judge ordered the exhumation of the body, which was buried in a Hillside cemetery.

    The remains were found on Gacy's property and believed to be one of his 33 victims.

    Dart Renews Effort to Identify Gacy Victims

    [CHI] Dart Renews Effort to Identify Gacy Victims
    Oct. 12, 2011: Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said his office has obtained DNA profiles for all of the remaining victims of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    DNA taken from the exhumed body did not match Sherry Marino's DNA, ruling out the possibility that it was her son, the Sun-Times reported.

    Marino had always harbored doubts that the body was her son because the dental records didn't match.