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Charges Against Maday Adding Up

Maday was already set for 13-year stint in the clink



    Charges Against Maday Adding Up
    Cook County Police
    Authorities say Robert Maday will be looking at a bunch more time.

    Robert Maday left a chaotic wake behind him during his 27-hour cross-burb escapade.

    Now investigators are left to count up the infractions.

    But no one is exactly sure how to charge Maday. Jurisdictional issues are complicating the process because Maday cut a swath of crime across the western suburbs.

    The U.S Attorney’s office in Chicago and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office are in the process of figuring out what charges they should levy against the career criminal. Once they’re done, local police departments in Shaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Bloomingdale and West Chicago will have a chance to bring separate charges.

    "It's still an ongoing investigation," Sgt. Dale Brehmer of the Rolling Meadows police department told the Chicago Tribune. "This involves multiple counties and jurisdictions, so it could be complicated."

    Maday is certain to be charged with escaping custody, carjacking and armed robbery, but more charges could be coming. The most obvious charges related to his escape will likely add 30 years on to his sentence, according to a U.S. Attorney’s office official. 

    The erstwhile fugitive escaped from custody en route to a sentencing hearing in Rolling Meadows where he was likely to receive a 13-year term for using a toy gun to rob banks and stores.