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Laugh Mob Swarming Chicago

Get ready to laugh



    Laugh Mob Swarming Chicago
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    People in the downtown area of Chicago can expect to see clowns for the #LAUGHRIOT expected to take place on May 18.

    Get ready to laugh, Chicago.

    Demonstrators dressed in clown outfits will swarm the streets on May 18 for a global laugh fest amidst a tense weekend.

    The NATO Summit, which begins on Sunday, May 20, has the city on edge, but peaceful protesters organized in a laughing flash mob plan to take a moment for some comedic relief along with other globally organized laugh mobs.

    The leaderless, non-violent group is hoping to reveal the seemingly ridiculous notion of the eight most powerful people trying to control and facilitate individuals around the world, according to Adbusters.

    Demonstrators are hoping to wake up the world to the idea that the only power our global leaders have is the power we allow them to have.

    It all begins with one fit of laughter.