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Latin King Dethroned

Gang leader fugitive arrested in Mexico



    Latin King Dethroned
    Only four of 40 suspects remain at large after the capture of one of the leaders of Chicago's Latin Kings gang in Mexico this week.

    A leader of Chicago's Latin Kings street gangwas arrested in Mexico after an extensive international pursuit.

    Vicente Garcia, 30, was charged in September with federal drug and firearms offenses, according to an FBI release, as a result of "Operation Pesadilla." The investigation targeted the Latin Kings' leadership and led to 40 people being charged.

    The gang was targeted after it "caused a tremendous amount of violence because of the drug trade," said Chicago FBI chief Robert Grant via the SouthtownStar.  According to the feds, planned homicides were disrupted due to the investigation.

    Garcia was arrested in late December in the city of Tamazula, leaving only four fugitives at large. Mexican authorities then turned him over to federal authorities in Houston, Texas. He is accused of overseeing the distribution of cocaine and firearms throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs.